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Scientific workshop organized for a class of secondary school pupils in partnership with the UR-CPP BIOGER INRA Versailles-Grignon in 2010/2011 on soil microorganisms.. © INRA, Inra, C. Foucaud-Scheunemann

Scientific culture, the Serre-Expo and other teaching resources

Updated on 01/20/2017
Published on 09/27/2013

INRA at Versailles-Grignon invites you to discover science in the making, and to familiarise yourself with life, environmental and process sciences, digitalisation or ecological engineering, ecotechnologies and biotechnologies, as well as economic and social sciences.

As a public research institution, INRA has a mission to make the knowledge it acquires available to the public in order to foster exchanges between science and society and to contribute to informing citizens.

In response to public demand - whether this concerns schools or the general public, or publicising our research and its applications, and a desire to share our skills, INRA at Versailles-Grignon can offer a variety of resources:

  • the Serre-Expo is a venue which hosts visits from the public: it comprises an exhibition area and workshop;
  • training activities for teachers and support for scientific activities are proposed in the context of arrangements organised by the Ministry for Education (academic training plans, scientific workshops, educational, artistic and cultural projects, etc.).
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