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31 May
01 Jun 2018

Grassland. © INRA, Elodie Regnier

Public policies in the context of global changes: Climate change, biodiversity and food sustainability

Organization: INRA and partners

Updated on 04/05/2018
Published on 12/13/2017

Global changes such as climate change, international trade agreements, loss in global biodiversity and volatility of world food prices pose challenges for agricultural production, the sustainability of renewable resources, and the well‐being of consumers. These global threats require not only the analysis of existing national and international policies, but also require thinking about the design of innovative policies that could reconcile economic, environmental and social goals. Policies that will be discussed in this conference include agricultural, environmental, land use and food policies, and trade measures. The objective of the conference is to discuss recent theoretical and empirical contributions in economics on these topics.

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