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Montpellier (France)

16 - 18 Nov 2017

.. © INRA

The CRISPR revolution, from bacterial immunity to functional genomics

Organization: French Society for Genetics

Updated on 06/16/2017
Published on 05/19/2017
Keywords: genomics - CRISPR

The field of genetics has recently reached a critical milestone, with the discovery and ever-growing successful usage of the so-called CRISPR technology. Although its discovery dates back to work published in the early 1990s, its application to a robust and efficient genome editing tool was reported recently, in a series of landmark papers published in 2013.
Since then, CRISPR-based approaches have blossomed remarkably fast and are implemented in many laboratories around the world, working on a broad range of biological, biomedical, and agricultural issues.
For these reasons, the French Society for Genetics has chosen to devote its Annual Meeting to the fundamental contribution of CRISPR to the broad field of genetics, both for bacterial immunity and as a genome engineering technology.

The meeting is organized into three distinct sessions.

  • Bacterial immunity and beyond
  • Development and physiological genetics
  • From functionnal genomics to application, led by Fabien Nogué, Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin (INRA, AgroParisTech, ELR CNRS).

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