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Umea (Sweden)

29 - 30 Sep 2017

Propriétés mécaniques des tissus : analyse thermomécanique dynamique (DMTA).. © INRA, SLAGMULDER Christian

International Plant Spectroscopy Conference

Organization: International Society of Plant Spectroscopy

Updated on 08/28/2017
Published on 07/31/2017

The aim of the conference is to bring spectroscopy to plant scientists and plant sciences to spectroscopists, to open up a communication channel and to showcase the plethora of available spectroscopic techniques and their potential in plant sciences, benefiting both fields, from fundamental to applied research, from academic to industrial applications. Session and keynote speakers are invited to represent major spectroscopic fields, with direct applications in plant sciences.

With the participation of

  • Rozenn Le Hir, Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin (INRA, AgroParisTech, ELR CNRS)
  • Gabriel Paes, UMR Fractionnement des agroressources et environnement (INRA, Univ. Reims Champagne Ardennes)
  • Fabienne Guillo, Hélène Rognaux, Marie-Françoise Devaux, UR Biopolymères, interactions, assemblages

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Associated Centre(s):
Versailles-Grignon, Hauts-de-France , Brittany-Normandy