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Versailles (78)

01 - 02 Feb 2016

Prélèvement à la pince d'une feuille d'arabette des dames ou Arabidopsis thaliana. © INRA

COST Action FA 1306 - Diving into integrative cell phenotyping through "omics"

"Omics" and plant responses to physical factors of the environment

Updated on 01/14/2016
Published on 01/14/2016

The COST Action FA1306 The quest for tolerant varieties - Phenotyping at plant and cellular level  will create a network of European scientists with expertise on phenotyping, various -omics areas and/or physiology to (re)discover tolerant varieties and to understand tolerance.

The Action will survey knowledge about plant biodiversity with respect to stress tolerance and will share and group existing expertise into discussions and conceptual development of new tools in phenotyping by integrating information from the cellular level to the whole plant level.

The COST Action FA1306 is organized in three Working Groups (WG). WG2 - Phenotyping at the cell level collect, discuss and evaluate information and novel developments in Metabolomics and flux analysis ; Proteomics, Transcriptomics, and Genomics.

The second WG2 meeting is organized in three topics dedicated to transcriptomics, metabolim and enzyme activities, and genotype and phenotype.