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Game Theory Approach to Managerial Strategies and Value Creation.Abdelhakim Hammoudi and Nabyla Daid. ISTE Ltd and John Wiley & Sons Inc (Eds). 282 pages. Date de publication : 9 janvier 2018.
ISBN-10:1848219733 / ISBN-13:978-1848219731 © ISTE Ltd and John Wiley & Sons Inc (Eds).

Game Theory Approach to Managerial Strategies and Value Creation

Teachings and analysis applied to specific case studies of various sectors of the economy.

Updated on 01/18/2018
Published on 01/18/2018

Economic players must often choose between several strategic options in a fierce competitive environment where interactions with competitors make decisions particularly complex. Game theory offers useful insights to choose an optimal decision or at least a basis for making rational decision given the constraints of the stakeholders’ environment. In presenting the concepts and the logical structure of the reasoning offered by game theory and their applications, the book explains the rational process of decision making in the framework of firm management and market competition. By avoiding the usual complexity of presentation often due to mathematical formalism, the book proposes a reflection and practical insights of game theory for practitioners (managers, strategists) and social, managerial and economic researchers.


The book

Game Theory Approach to Managerial Strategies and Value Creation.
Abdelhakim Hammoudi* and Nabyla Daid. ISTE Ltd and John Wiley & Sons Inc (Eds). Jan 2018. 282 pages.
ISBN-10:1848219733 / ISBN-13:978-1848219731

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*Abdelhakim Hammoudi is currently a researcher at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (RU Nutrition and Social sciences). His research interests focus on the economics of quality, supply chains' organization and development.