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INRA Versailles-Grignon wishes you all the best for 2017

2017: your future is our culture

Updated on 01/30/2017
Published on 12/31/2016

INRA Versailles-Grignon wishes you all the best for 2017!

In order to help feed the world sustainably through to 2025, INRA intends to pursue research with a view to advancing knowledge and spurring innovation. In 2017, the Institute will implement its strategic orientations for 2025, geared toward concrete action and finding solutions to global challenges.

#INRA2025: an action-oriented strategy. Discover, step by step, the strategic orientations of INRA and the commitment of INRA teams in research and collective organisation…

#INRA2025 website >

What’s hidden in the INRA 2017 greeting card?

This is a photograph of intestinal villi that are home to our “microbiota”. Intestinal microbiota is an ecosystem that acts as the interface between the food we eat and our bodies. It is an organ in its own right and has revolutionised science and medicine (photo: small intestine villi, enlarged 114 times; a microbiota hot spot).

For ten years and counting, INRA has been the leading the world in global research on human intestine metagenomics, and has published extensively on the subject.