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The Versailles-Grignon INRA research center is recruiting 5 junior research scientists.

Applications are open from 28 January to 1st March 2016 and positions are open to all nationalities.

From 28 January to 1st March 2016, INRA is recruiting 32 scientists. © INRA
Updated on 01/30/2016
Published on 01/29/2016

As part of the annual recruitment campaign by open competition from INRA, five junior research positions are offered in the fields of economy, ecology, modeling complex systems, and genomics

  • Research theme: Microeconomics applied to agriculture and environment

In order to reduce its impacts on environment and public health, agriculture has to reduce the use of pesticides. Agroecology offers alternative solutions based on ecosystem services. They require coordination of a set of heterogenous actors, amongst several sources of potential inefficiency. The researcher will investigate public policy instruments and will investigate the possible linkages between regulatory approaches, incentives, market and coordination mechanisms. For more information

  • Research theme : Developing countries' agricultural producers and global value chains

The researcher will analyze the integration of developing countries' (DC) agricultural producers in global value chains. He/she will study the impact on production, trade and welfare, of interactions between small farmers and international markets. For more information

  • Research theme : Ecotoxicology of pesticides on a landscape scale

The researcher will develop new approaches to characterize the exposure of non-target organisms to pesticides, specifically taking into account the landscape composition and the spatial arrangement of habitats. He/she will identify the functional response traits to pesticides of organisms of interest.  For more information

  • Research theme : Simulation of complex dynamic systems: application to food sustainability

The researcher will be to develop a mathematical and computing formalism for the interactive coupling of deterministic or stochastic models with expertise formalisation models. For more information

  • Research theme : Adaptation and evolution of the chemosensory system in insect pests

The chemical senses of insect pests play an important role in their adaptation to changing environments. The recruited scientist will identify and study the evolution of the key chemosensory genes underlying such adaptation. He/she will thus propose candidates for further functional studies, ultimately identifying new targets for insect biocontrol. For more information

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