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Muriel Tichit, new chairman of the Livestock Farming Systems Commission of the European Federation of Animal Science

A four-year term for Muriel Tichit, research director at INRA Versailles-Grignon.

M. Tichit, Senior Scientist, JRU Science for action and sustainable development: activities, products, territories (INRA, AgroParisTech). © INRA, Pierre Maraval
Updated on 07/28/2016
Published on 01/10/2015

Muriel Tichit is a senior scientist in the Joint Research Unit Science for action and development: activities, products, territories, INRA Versailles-Grignon. On October, 1st 2014, she was elected as chairman of the “Livestock Farming Systems” Commission of the European Federation of Animal Science during a special meeting of the Council of the Federation.

Towards dynamic and interdisciplinarity

Following this election, M. Tichit takes over from Alberto Bernues (Norwegian University of Life Sciences,) whose investment within the LFS Commission she highlights in her statement:

I propose my candidacy to chair the LFS commission. My wish is to build upon the momentum generated by Alberto Bernues and former presidents.  I believe the LFS commission should maintain its strong interdisciplinary spirit, by stimulating animal science disciplines to go out of their comfort zone. The commission should encourage collaborative synergies with other commissions and contribute to high level science.
I am confident that the commission has a specific role to play in scoping the solution space for the livestock sector. It should provide innovative scientific outputs along with actionable knowledge that make the difference for complex problems.

The application of Muriel Tichit, hitherto Vice President of the same Committee, was supported by John Erik Hermansen (Univ. Aarhus, DNK), Hans Spoolder (Univ. Wageningen, NLO and president of the Health and Welfare Commission – EAAP) and Jean Louis Peyraud (INRA, FRA).

EAAP Annual Meeting

Within this context, M. Tichit is already involved with colleagues in preparing the XLVI Congress of the European Federation of Animal Science. This meeting will host different sessions, one for each of the EAAP Commissions including the "Livestock Systems" Commission chaired by M. Tichit. Several questions will underlie the debate around livestock systems, including

  • Efficiency, multifunctionality and tradeoffs in livestock production
  • Integration of new technologies in livestock farming systems
  • Future challenges and strategies for smallholders (with Eastern and Central European WG)
  • How can we tip the balance between market and non-market outputs from livestock farming systems (with Sheep and Goat Commission)
  • Data in livestock farming systems: does the science supply meet farmers' needs?

Livestock Systems and biodiversity

Research work and interests of M. Tichit combine livestock systems and biodiversity and concern in more detail the following topics

  • Compromise between animal production, biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Multi-scale analysis and modeling of interactions between environment and farming
  • Agri-environmental and political indicators for farming systems
  • Mapping and evaluation of services that livestock systems provide society
  • Livestock operating system modeling: viable control theory and dynamic simulation models.

These subjects are deeply anchored in the scientific daily life of M. Tichit and more than ever at the heart of the responsibilities and the commitments she fulfills.

The European Association for Animal Science

The European Association for Animal Science (EAAP) is an international federation of national member organizations from 40 countries in Europe and the Mediterranean area. Its main mission is to promote discussion, debate and dissemination of animal science between the scientific communities and organizations with interests in animal production.

EAAF is chaired by Philippe Chemineau (INRA).