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Discover the Versailles-Grignon INRA Research Centre

Research priorities, partnerships, valorisation, and innovation in Île-de-France

LEAFLET  INRA Versailles-Grignon - Front page, february 2015.. © INRA, INRA
Updated on 03/10/2015
Published on 12/15/2014

At the heart of a unique scientific and university community, the INRA Research Centre in Versailles-Grignon carries out multidisciplinary and mission-oriented research focused on the major challenges of tomorrow: the sustainable management
of crops and resources, food for the planet and preservation of the environment...

The Centre’s core skills focus on major multidisciplinary clusters benefiting from a high level of national and European visibility: plant integrative biology and life science engineering; agroecology in different territories and its interactions with biodiversity and the environment; economic and sociological insights into agricultural, food and environmental issues; food engineering.

A very great majority of units in the Centre are managed in partnership with other important research establishments, universities and specialised schools, the principal partner being the institute for life and environmental sciences and industries,
AgroParisTech. These units strive to achieve an international reputation, particularly through their participation in European and international calls for projects.

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